Biomimetic Elastin

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biomimetic elastin
high quality elastin like protein for medical material
and cell scaffold

What is elastin?
Elastin is the protein in the extracellular matrix surrounding the skin, organs and connecttive tissues that gives these materials their strength and elasticity – it is the "rubber band" that causes our skin and other organs to maintain their shape and "snap back" if they are stretched.
Elastin is a major protein component of arteries and veins – About 30-50% of the aorta, 50% of elastic ligaments, and 2-5% of the skin are made of elastin.

What is RGD peptides?
The RGD peptide is present in extracellular matrix proteins (ECM) such as fibronectin, which mediates the adhesion of cells to ECM by interacting with cell surface proteins called integrins.
RGD peptide and its derivatives have various applications including the inhibition of tumor formation and apoptosis.

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Appearance: Powder
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Biomimetic Elastin