FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Will my products be advertised along with the others' companies? Would that decrease the value of my products?

Answer: The number of businesses included in our site does not have any effect on the possibility to successfully sell your own products. Firstly, because the international market is such a wide that a single company could not supply all the demands. Secondly, your products will be advertised on the net through several channels and our partners’ marketplaces, in order to offer you a numberless of possibilities to be contacted by prospective buyers from all over the world.

Question: How can I use Marketplaceb2b.com?

Answer: Marketplaceb2b.com is a commercial tool for wholesalers, manufacturers and importers, who offer information on their latest offers in their own name and for their own account. To gain access to detailed offers, pricing, sellers and contact data, you must first become a registered member and logged in as a user. You then have access to the contents and functions on Marketplaceb2b.com worldwide platform. The membership can be for Free or Subscription annual fee and it will be required a complete information about you and your business activity.

Question: For which users are Marketplaceb2b.com suitable?

Answer: Marketplaceb2b.com is created exclusively for users who sell or purchase all kind of merchandises from raw material to the final product in gross quantities also business services can be ad on our platform. Most of the buyers are importers, and the sellers are factories or wholesalers.

Question: How much does the membership cost?

Answer: It's free!

Question: How can I become a member?

Answer: Just by clicking the Register link, select the mode of registration and simply following the registration steps in the form for new members. You will then also be provided with an activation e-mail with a link and order confirmation to your e-mail, which you must activate to finalize your registration. Once you have completed this process, you can go online immediately. Should you encounter any problems, please contact our Customer Service.

Question: How many Items can I display on the Free Subscription membership?

Answer: Free subscription membership does allow you to display unlimiteds items. It also allows you to display your profile information and get access to the goods and services displayed by the Gold Membership members and make contact with.

Question: Do I have to have a business license to be a Marketplaceb2b.com member?

Answer: This is not an absolute requirement. The membership requires your commercial use and a relevant legal status. Many sellers/buyers require respective proof. With your Marketplaceb2b.com membership, you assure us and others of your commercial status and automatically waive the right to claim the applicability of potential consumer protection rights.

Question: How do I order thru Marketplaceb2b.com?

Answer: Marketplaceb2b.com is not a direct-order store. The individual sellers offer their latest top offers and portfolios. You have the option to contact them via e-mail, phone or fax to place an order to, you can also agree on the specific delivery terms and conditions, pricing and payment methods.

Question: What should I be aware of - also to protect my own interests and security?

Answer: It goes without saying that merchandise quality and competitive pricing as well as duty costs should be carefully examined. Otherwise, the standard level of prudence and rules you would apply to any transactions with unknown third parties and in international business and merchandise interchanges. We recommend you to obtain adequate product and producers documentation for you to be sure who you are dealing with.
Important: The Gold Membership companies have been verified by Marketplaceb2b.com and third-party Rating Agencies but even then Marketplaceb2b.com declines any and all liability. The Gold Membership can guarantee you that you are dealing with a ruled established company, but this does not guarantee you the quality of their products neither their financial reputation.

Question: What do I do in the event of an address or other company information change?

Answer: Please send your old and new address proving that your new address will be Company’s new head office to Customer Service.

Question: How can I change my password and e-mail address?

Answer: You can edit your password and email address at any time you wish, just by getting onto edit my profile and following the steps described.

Question: What do I have to do if I have forgotten my password?

Answer: Go to front page, click on Forgot login? And follow the steps.