Learn more about marketplaceb2b.com

Marketplaceb2b.com is an online business to business marketplace that enables companies to advertise their products and services on international basis, meeting the needs of supply and demand in a global market.

What makes us different than the others.

The web site is aiming to create a safe online service by which only certificated buyers and sellers can approach each other.

This means that our users are free of spamming and scammers, which represent the main problem in the traditional B2B marketplace platforms nowadays.

Because of our strict policy for collecting data from our further members, we can guarantee to buyers and sellers the highest trusted level of business contacts.

During the registration process our staff will require you all the information regarding your company, to have the real proof that it is legally registered in your country and that the designated contact is an authorized employee of your company.

Advantages of site registration:

  • A safe way for selling and buying ruled by the international standards of commerce, according to the means on the international market diversity by the worldwide companies.
  • Possibility to promote and sell goods and services, contacting selected clients and widening your business horizons.
  • Opportunity to establish partnerships and joint ventures with companies worldwide.
  • The access to a large number of potential clients and suppliers worldwide.
  • Accurate information and consultancy for buyers and sellers.